Surprise Package: Record Breaking Numbers

Not just for Christmas: Package movements in residential buildings have hit record volumes, throughout the year.

Many businesses enjoy sales peaks at particular times of the year. In the run up to Christmas, property managers, estate managers, concierges and porters are rushed off their feet, responding to clients’ needs in what is effectively the shortest working month of the year.

Front desk stress

Especially in December, on-site staff spend a disproportion amount of their time juggling Amazon parcels containing Christmas presents. They struggle with the volume, the lack of storage in their blocks and the fact that residents leave unwanted packages at the front desk ready for the courier to collect them.

In response to year-on-year exponential growth of online shopping, five years ago Dwellant developed hardware and software to give on-site staff the tools they need to safely and securely receive, track and handover to residents increasing volumes of packages of all shapes and sizes.

Concierge HV

Dwellant’s ‘Concierge HV’ solution – HV stand for High Volume – processed in excess of 2 million packages last year in residential, commercial and student housing blocks. This is across portered buildings containing sub-100 units to sprawling new-build schemes containing over 2,000 residences.

Out of the 2 million packages, zero have been reported as lost, partly due to the manner in which courier companies and front-desk staff are compelled to use the system.

In order for buildings to manage high volume incoming and outgoing post and parcels safely, securely and efficiently – and with a digital audit trail all the way through – automated systems became an inevitable consequence. Concierge and other front- of-house staff who use automated systems like ours, can refocus their attention on the residents’ wide variety of needs. Dealing with the post should be a background task, not an all-consuming mission impossible.

So, Concierge HV is the result of five years’ intensive analysis of how post and packages (and keys) move about. Our expertise and unique data has been implanted into the hardware and software, designed to cope with circa 20% year-on-year volume growth. Such as been our grasp of our subject that we have been commissioned to provide white papers on package management, aiding the design of lobbies and storage areas in the process, and staffing numbers required where we consistently see peaks and troughs in package volumes.

Easy set-up

Concierge HV is plug-and-play so straightforward to implement. In as little as a week, Concierge HV can be up and running, your on-site staff trained (day and night staff) and residents informed of the new method to receive their online purchases. Fast and painless.

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We heard that property owners, managers and site-based staff suffered from package overload on and around Black Friday. Further expected burdens ahead of Christmas and during the Boxing Day sales have promoted the realisation that pen-and-paper systems have no place in 21st century buildings with multiple occupants. And with a projected 20%+ volume increase in 2019, another record breaking year beckons.

Elliot Smith works in Dwellant’s business development team. Contact him for a no-obligation demo of Concierge HV in your office.