Digital Transformation for Managing Agents

Digital services are expected by landlords, leaseholders and residents. PropTech needs to be in the palm of a property manager’s hand.

As we get rolling into 2019, decision makers in the Property Management market should have a clear Digital Strategy for their business. And in order to be effective, their digital strategy must be aligned with their business goals.

Today, technology is the major driving force when creating a competitive advantage. Ultimately, your decision to invest in PropTech and other tech will impact in a major way, not only on the level of success, but also on the survival of your business. In property management, there are three key areas where technology can give you valuable competitive advantages:

  • First, we have communication. The property manager needs to be in constant communication with residents, contractors and on-site staff. The traditional phone and email combination is cumbersome, frequently ineffective and leads to unsatisfactory levels of service. People expect digital services from their managing agent, from any device, at any time.
  • Secondly, Property Managers need to streamline their operations by having effective workflows, digital invoice processing, effective contractor management and health and safety consolidation.
  • Lastly the chosen technology must be open to integration. The ability to plug into your existing and future systems is key. Property managers would do well to embrace the ‘Internet of Things’ – embrace all PropTech in fact, explore the options and be open to new ideas.
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    Rodrigo Melendez heads up Dwellant’s business development team. Rodrigo comes from a software and marketing background with an in-depth experience of SaaS software sales and invoicing/accounting software. Let’s have a chat!