Win More Property Management Instructions
We are continually speaking to our property management clients. Recently we have changed tack and focused some questions on what THEIR clients are asking them in new business pitches.

Overwhelming, it’s clear that over the last 12 months, managing agents’ clients are asking direct questions about the technology that the agent employs. There is a realisation amongst investor-freeholders and resident-controlled RMCs/RTMs, that the right tech will assist the property manager to juggle/sort/prioritise the multitude of tasks they have on their plate and therefore provide a higher quality and more compliant service. Once a 'nice-to-have’, clever tech is now a NEED for many clients.

Managing agents are telling us that their clients realise the right tech:

  • Make it easy for owners to pay their service charges on time
  • Ensure there is access to key documents about their building
  • Give residents an easy way of reporting maintenance issues
  • Allow owners to apply for a licence to alter or order a new car park fob
  • Streamline the receipt of parcels and packages arriving by courier throughout the day
  • Bring clients and managing agents closer together, which is what most clients crave in a collaborative, hopefully long-term relationship.
  • The most encouraging feedback from managing agents was how they use their proptech solutions to SELL their services. Screenshots of our Dwellant modules and brief explanations about the ones most relevant to their needs, are helping our managing agents clients to stand out in a crowded market.


    At the time of writing, one of our managing agents is implementing Dwellant. Details of what Dwellant can achieve for one of their prospective clients was included in their management proposal with further detail given face-to-face in the pitch meeting itself. In this case, the client – an RMC – described their pain points, some of which have persisted without a satisfactory resolution for some time.

    For instance, shorts lets are prohibited in their leases yet Airbnb rentals are commonplace and causing anxiety amongst owner-occupiers in particular. With Dwellant available, all residents are invited to sign up (tenants as well as leaseholders), immediately assisting the on-site staff with a live database of who actually lives in the building. Their tailored Dwellant website will hold the rules and regulations for the building, making it crystal clear that short lets are strictly prohibited. Email updates generated from Dwellant remind leaseholders that there is a lease to comply with when it comes to subletting.


    The directors of the RMC are concerned about parcels pilling up in the porter’s area, not least as one of the parcels was recently stolen from under the porter’s nose, and they are considering an extra pair of hands to administer the deluge of online shopping purchases that arrive throughout the day.

    The managing agent introduced Dwellant’s market-leading package management software and hardware solution which would most certainly preclude the need for another porter during the day. A small investment in an GDPR compliance solution is far cheaper for a client than employing someone to manually manage piles of cardboard boxes.

    Proptech has a cost associated with it yet more and more accurate financial modelling is proving that the investment in proptech pays for itself almost immediately. However it’s the active promotion of proptech like ours that is helping those managing agents to secure new business. Simple as that.

    Rodrigo Melendez is Business Development Manager at Dwellant. If you are a Dwellant customer or are considering Dwellant, ask Rodrigo how he can help you with some material (screenshots) to include in new business proposals and how to best highlight the benefits of Dwellant to your clients.