Builings with Portals Function Better
What is the best way to communicate with your customers today?

Buildings with Portals Function Better

What is the best way to communicate with your customers today? Whilst the answer is of course a combination of methods, we seek out (or should be seeking out) the most effective and time saving ways of informing, staying up to date and receiving feedback. That’s where portals come in – interactive digital platforms for busy customers and busy property managers.

In a single block of flats, commercial office complex or mixed-use scheme, property managers, residents, commercial tenants, on-site staff and suppliers need to be able to exchange information fluidly, 24/7. The ability to do this as and when the need arises, ought to be through smart devices that use intuitive software. For instance, a resident noticing a repair issue on site wants the facility to report it, receive acknowledgement and be kept up to date with its resolution. And from the property manager’s point of view, they are grateful for the issue being brought to their attention through the portal and they can safely delegate responsibility for its completion, through the portal.

Traditional ways to communicate simple and complex issues simply don’t work effectively in the 21st century. Whilst the property management industry is going through major digital transformation, conventional communication methods remain widespread and property managers and their customers suffer in equal proportions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

A smart portal has the capability to centralise all the building’s information in one secure and fully GDPR compliant place. Occupiers, property managers, their on-site staff and contractors use a common platform where very little should be lost in translation. Combine a communications portal with a workflow element and this becomes a game-changing moment for a managing agent. A fault a resident has noticed eventually becomes an invoice with every stage along the way managed through one portal.

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