Bonfire Night Invoice Milestone Reached

The 1,000,000th supplier invoice has been processed by Dwellant!

On 4 November, Lorraine at Edmund Services dragged and dropped her fire safety invoice onto the Dwellant portal and because the invoice contained a contract number, our artificial intelligence app matched it to the contract.

And as the contract with Edmund Services is live and their vetting documentation is up to date (all stored on Dwellant), the invoice met all the validation checks and was ‘auto approved for payment’.

Instantly transferred to the managing agent’s accounting package, the invoice was paid the next day on 5 November.

Whatever the size of your block management or PRS operation, our invoice processing module will transform how you handle tens, hundreds or even thousands of invoices every month. Entirely in the cloud, property managers, site-based estate managers, accounts staff and suppliers all use the same system, so as with the 1,000,000th invoice processed, suppliers can enjoy outstandingly fast payments.

Every day we support our customers, train their new staff members, whilst rolling out new Dwellant features to make your workflows intuitive, accurate and above all, rapid. If you would like to put a rocket up your invoice processing and see your suppliers’ faces sparkle, get in touch!